Case Study

Client: Regional Restaurant Owner

Background: This client had seen energy demonstrate the fastest growth rate of all their expenses. They had procured their own power in the competitive market. We promoted our level of expertise in utility contracts and scale of procurement.

Strategy: Immediately audit all bills for each store. Review the current energy contracts to understand their current position. Monitor the market through our proprietary EnergyWatch Program© and identify a period of time (term) that would produce their desired price results. We evaluated the risk tolerance of the client and determined the product to fit the profile.

Results: Our audit of their bills identified several billing errors which produced a $15,000 refund from the electric utility responsible for delivering their power. Our review of their current contract indicated they could add their three newest restaurants at the very low rate already contracted. These restaurants had been operating at a much higher standard offer rate from the supplier; 250% higher. In addition, our competitive pricing tactics and market scale produced a six month contract at a rate they could not get on their own.

Bottom line, we delivered over $30,000 in savings during the first few weeks and a six month savings of another $15,000 producing a $45,000 return for a fee of $6,500.

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