Case Study

Client: 24-Hour Industrial Food Manufacturer

Background: This client was experiencing rapid expansion and growth. Their corporate parent chose to relocate an active plant in California to the Texas market in record time. Somewhat like the adage of rebuilding the plane in flight. We promoted our level of expertise in utility construction processes and standards. In addition, we also promoted our natural gas and electric commodity experience.

Strategy: Review the current energy contracts to understand their current position. Monitor the market through our proprietary EnergyWatch Program© and identify a period of time (term) that would produce their desired price results. We evaluated the risk tolerance of the client and determined the product to fit the profile.

We also agreed to notify and meet with the local electric and natural gas utility companies in the area and put them on alert to the urgency of the opportunity.

Results: Our contract review determined they needed to competitively price their added energy load. The EnergyWatch Program© helped identify the optimal term for natural gas and electric commodity procurement. Most importantly, our coordination with the electric and natural gas utilities allowed them to achieve a goal of completely relocating and installing new electric and natural gas distribution lines in five weeks. Easements were secured, facilities constructed, inspections secured and meters set in record time.

Bottom line, we delivered over $25,000 in savings in natural gas costs during the first year and $45,000 savings in electric procurement efficiencies for a fee of $15,000. Most importantly, our experience in natural gas and electric construction standards and processes allowed us to ensure the client made a critical business transition in a timely manner.

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