The services offered by Forward Energy Group are designed for client’s energy requirements, not only for current needs but also for achieving long term budget goals. Our commitment is to continually be an unbiased resource for all client energy needs.

Energy Procurement Services We provide constant tracking of energy pricing and recommend the optimal period to secure your energy rate. We provide a detailed analysis of competitive pricing with no hidden costs.Detailed Analysis

Energy Analysis Forward Energy Group prepares executive presentations related to energy costs, consumption data and trends. Assistance is also provided for bill auditing and reviewing of transmission and distribution data for any anomalies. Case Study

Energy Management Services Our expert energy advice and evaluations of demand side management programs and incentives offered by the market will ensure your energy costs are minimal. We provide energy analysis input on special projects to conserve energy, as well as evaluate and advise on load factor & power factor correction opportunities.Energy Savings

Electric Utility Construction Services We assure your new construction service design and line extension cost validation is controlled. We are available to provide assistance with the planning and tracking phase of the project through completion, ensuring the new site is contracted with the most competitive energy rate available. Case Study 1 Case Study 2